What do you think about Android P's gestures?

Based on the examples that have been shown so far, Full Coverage will list stories on an event timeline, offer answers to frequently asked questions about an event, highlight tweets and opinion pieces, fact checks, videos, and more. This feature wouldn't seem all the helpful in a pinch were it not for another change coming to Lens: It will work in real-time, so you won't have to snap a picture in order for Lens to interpret whatever you're pointing your camera at.

Can you run Auto wirelessly?

Right now the new OS is simply called "Android P" but you can expect it to get a cuter name later this year when it's released to the public.

As mentioned above, the latest iteration of the OS is available for the Pixel devices such as Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The second tab, Headlines, is strictly about the biggest stories in the world each day. The new capability allows you to detect certain styles in the objects.

It wasn't immediately clear which company made the call to withhold the features announced Tuesday.

Similar to Android Oreo, to get to your app drawer, you long swipe from the bottom of the screen, or just swipe upwards from the recent apps view to get to your apps. Plus, apps will work like you'd expect: you can click on their icons to fire them up, move around their windows, and open files compatible with them.

Google Assistant: Umm, Wednesday at 6 PM.

We all know that Google always delivers the beta version of its operating systems only to its own devices including Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Just flick, flick, flick until you find the app you want.

There's even an early beta for those who want to take it for a spin. That includes being able to control the air conditioning and heating in the car. Now and then the search giant gives a demo of how its technology can serve everyday users, along with making data centers and other hardware smarter.

That said, the revamped Google News is replacing the Google Play Newsstand and the Google News & Weather apps. With a single click, the tool quickly studies the vintage image to add color to the black-and-white photo.

Soon our phones will be able to politely remind us when we've spent too much time binge watching, automatically switch on "Do Not Disturb" is some situations, and help us focus on "meaningful engagement" (whatever that means).