Kit Harington's Freudian slip about his proposal sounded very sexual

What I meant to say was, I popped my question a bit early.

The Game of Thrones actor confessed that he had a huge romantic proposal planned for his bride-to-be. Since all the cast of Game of Thrones are expected, he jokingly suggested to shut down production to accommodate the wedding.

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has revealed that he ruined his own romantic proposal plans as he couldn't wait another day to ask Rose Leslie to marry him.

"We were in the country and we were under this beautiful night sky and had a log fire burning and red wine and I blew my load early", Harington said on "The Johnathan Ross Show", according to Us Weekly.

While fans might not see the GOT pair donning traditional Northern costumes on their wedding or have direwolves gracing the ceremony, it has certainly come to a full circle with Jon Snow and Ygritte preparing to tie the knot in real life.

Kit continued and clarified: "I was meant to do it the day after with the lights. Not blew my load". The actor knows very well that Leslie won't be up for it.

Of his workout, Kit said: 'If you're getting your bum out in front of 60 million people, you do your homework' and said it was down to 'lots of squats'.

He laughed: "No. There is absolutely no chance of me convincing her of that".

The couple recently announced their engagement. Although, based on how weddings generally turn out in the show, we don't blame them at all for wanting to avoid that.

And I was like, 'Oh my God!' I felt really bad because I was kinda b**chy beforehand'. He echoed Fairfield's words saying that it will be bigger and longer.

Harington's character, meanwhile, remains a central character on the series, which is yet to release a premiere date for its eighth and final season.

"I think this last season will take much longer to shoot because they can only use one unit because we're all in the same sort of scenes", Glen revealed.