Got Windows 10 Game Stuttering? Disable MS Game DVR feature

Microsoft is expected to release a series of new Patch Tuesday updates today - get ready to install them.

Whether the fixes will fully resolve the stuttering problems remains to be seen, though early feedback on the Windows 10 subreddit suggests that for at least some of the users, the updates have done the trick. Basically it's the same Bing image search you love in the photos app. You can search for images or view some great curated images from the home page.

This is right in time, too, as the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is right around the corner- and with Microsoft promising still more improvements and enhancements for gaming performance on Windows 10 with that one (including an enhanced Game Mode), it would be kind of a bad look for them if their existing promises hadn't yet been fulfilled to begin with. You can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here:

You can rest assured that the company is looking into what is causing these issues and we will have an update soon.

Just ahead of the weekend Windows Central reported, backed up by screenshots, that the Windows Store device limit "appears to have been increased from just 10 to 2,000".

Microsoft is now forging ahead with a strategy to merge mobile and desktop OSes, and Apple and Google are also blurring the line between the two.

In order to install the latest Patch Tuesday updates, make sure you've enabled automatic Windows Update.

Compatibility testing tools can automatically analyze applications and help assuage concerns over Microsoft's frequent OS updates, for example.

Microsoft does not guarantee that top suggestions will be implemented.

While some downplayed this issue, it turns out that Microsoft was eventually able to verify that stuttering was indeed present in some cases and Support Engineer Paul Aaron recently confirmed that a fix is available via the Insider preview (build 16273 and above).